Past editions of #RoboMagiko

  • #RoboMagiko 1. French Alps.

#RoboMagiko started with 2-day anniversary session of Nicholas and Kasia that was shot in French Alps. The Force wanted us to rule the galaxy together. Viewing multiple locations, enjoying the views, dinning together, staying in one AirBnb and having fun. And the most important - shooting together, in the same places and moments, but with completely different results. Both blogs can be seen here:

Rob - Anniversary in France

Magic - French Alps Wedding Photographer

  • #RoboMagiko 2. Berlin.

#RoboMagiko 2 was held in Berlin, germany. We had amazing AirBnb that fitted all of us and amazing attendees from Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Poland. 2 days of hanging out together, learning from each other, chilling. Blog posts coming soon.