• What is #RoboMagiko?!

#RoboMagiko is a photographic adventure hosted by Rob - Roberto Panciatici Photography and Magic - Maciej Suwałowski Photographer. The idea is to shoot together in amazing places, experiment, go beyond your own style, learn from each other and have fun. 

It was all born by chance. We met in Stokholm and The Force just bounded us together from the day 1. If you don't know what we have in mind, watch The Star Wars and then come back here.

After first #RoboMagiko that we've done together in French Alps, we've decided to make it a little bit bigger. We wish to open for other photographers and make it kinda Workshop-ish. Join us in our next adventure and we will welcome you with "fuckin carbonara"!

Starting this year Rob and Magic will host next #RoboMagiko trips. Each adventure will take place in a different location to get out of our comfort zones. If you want to be a part of our crazy trips, please do join us. We want to gather a group of not more than 10 people.

  • For who?

Star Wars fans.
Star Wars fans.
Pizza lovers.
Awesome people.

  • What is there for me?

Each #RoboMagiko is 2-day session led by Rob and Magic. Of course, every participant is invited to take the lead, if she or he sees something interesting: the spot, the light, an idea for an artistic crazy shot, other stuff I cannot invent but that you will invent for sure. We believe that besides from learning how we shoot, pose or work with couples, we can come back home with really interesting images to show to our audiences. And for sure you will come back with a feeling that your profession is absolutely unique and worth appreciation.

In the evenings, we will most likely be sitting in front of computers with a glass of wine, listening to some music and editing single images, because we're always excited about what we've just shot.